January 12, 2019

Tunetrax is partnership with Music Info, one of the fasted growing digital music distribution and promotion services for independent musicians in China.

What does this partnership means for Tunetrax artists?

Tunetrax artists have now the ability to distribute, monetize and promote their music onto major Chinese streaming services.  The services include QianQian Music, QQ Music, Kuwo Music, Kugou Music and Netease Music, as well as on e-radio channels and other new types of media services in China. Artists keep 100% of the royalties generated.

“Continuing our international expansion, we are thrilled to be partnering with Music Info in China.  This partnership offers our artists unique opportunities to enter one of the fastest growing music market, China. Tunetrax artists have now the ability to reach over 800 million new listeners and distribute their music  in China” said Rémi Jourdan, Founder and CEO of Tunetrax.

“We are proud to partner with Tunetrax, one of the leading digital music platform for independent artists. Teaming-up with Tunetrax  strongly benefit our artists community in China and elsewhere around the world.  With our partnership with Tunetrax, we are helping independent artists to propel their international careers forward. I am eager to welcome and promote Tunetrax’s artists into the Chinese market” said Kari Hattunen, Founder and CEO of Music Info

I am an Artist. What do I need to do to get my music distributed into China?

1/ You ARE a Tunetrax Artist:

Simply send us an email to artist@tunetrax.com with “China” in your email subject line, and the link to your Tunetrax Artist Profile. Our team will be in contact with you.

2/ You are NOT a Tunetrax Artist:

If you are NOT yet a Tunetrax Artist, register to the site , and enter the following referral code “china” during your registration. When you have completed your registration and created your Electronic Press Kit, our team will review your artist profile and be in contact with you.


About MusicInfo

Musicinfo is a one-stop shop for musicians and music professionals to distribute and promote their music to mainland China. Musicinfo is the doorway to the Chinese digital music distribution and promotion frontier. We provide the best service available to get digital music to China by distributing to the top digital service providers and prominent promotional radio and sound media services with an audience of over 800 million subscribers.