YES, It’s this time of the year again to celebrate live music in Austin in a BIG WAY!

Tunetrax puts together an Indie Artists Music Week Discovery Playlist, including 20 songs from 20 up and coming artists performing live during Music Week in Austin, Texas.

Music and Media professionals like A&R Reps, Radio stations, TVs, Brands, Licensing, Publishers, Venues, Festival Producers, Distributors, Publicists, Managers, Public Relations agencies, Music Bloggers and Music Magazines are invited to discover new emerging indie artists talents. Playlists are a great way to showcase emerging artists and their music without being too annoying, as we all get bombarded with music this time of the year and during Music Week…

This year, Tunetrax teamed up with two showcases:  Texas Indie Fest and Mag Mile Shows.  Both showcases include multiple music genres and artists from all around the US.

For Music Professionals and Media Outlets : we made it easy for you to get in direct contact with artists.  Simply go the Artist EPK link to contact and to get a quick snapshot of the artists without having to visit multiple sites to get the information you want.  You can contact Isabella Bonaducci if you want Tunetrax to initiate a contact with a specific artist on your behalf.

Enjoy the Music and I will see you at the show!

Remi Jourdan
Tunetrax Founder


 (songs are not in a specific order)


Artists Showcases: set times, contact & EPK links



High on Spacetime by Manhigh – Rock Alternative (Albuquerque, New Mexico) (performing Friday 3/15 at  3:45pm) Cheers Shot Bar

I Want Love by Bethany Becker – Country Pop (Austin, Texas) (performing Monday 3/11 at 7:30pm) Cheers Shot Bar

Retrospect by Tough On Fridays – Alternative Pop (Georgetown, Texas) (performing Friday 3/15 at 8:45pm) Texas Mist

Emotional Whatever Things by Dirty Dirty – Rock Punk (Seattle, Washington) (performing Thursday 3/14 at 6:45pm)  Cheers Shot Bar

Painting With Black by Pink Awful – Alternative Indie (Reno, Nevada) (performing Tuesday 8:45pm) Cheers Shot Bar (Wednesday 3/13 at 5pm) Texas Mist

Queen Yield by Dimphonic – Rock Alternative (Houston, Texas) (performing Monday 3/11 at 4:30pm)..Cheers Shot Bar

Mmmk Ultra by VYLIT – Pop (Forth Worth, Texas) ( performing Thursday 3/14 at 3pm)  Cheers Shot Bar

Vicious Ears by Vigil and Thieves – Alternative Post Punk (Lawrence, Kansas) (performing 3/14 at 11:55pm) Cheers Shot Bar

Marigold by Dream Feed – Rock Alternative (Denver, Colorado) (Performing Wednesday at 1am)  Cheers Shot Bar

Hangin’ Out by The Complaints – Rock (West Warwick, Rhode Island) (performing Saturday 3/16 at 8pm) Texas Mist

Hangtime by Surreal Nation – Electronic Rock (Smyrna, Delaware) (performing Thursday 3/14 at 7:15) Texas Mist

Life Is Just Death In Drag by Covina – Rock Hardcore (San Antonio, Texas)  (performing Thursday 3/14 at 8:15pm) Cheers Shot Bar

Cry by The Hollow Roots – Rock (Murfreesboro, Tennessee) (performing Tuesday 3/12 at 3pm)  Cheers Shot Bar

Hypnotized by The Robot Bonfire – Alternative Indie (Dallas, Texas) (performing Saturday 3/16 at 8:30pm) Cheers Shot Bar

R U OK? by Wyves – Garage Rock (Phoenix, Arizona) (performing Friday at 5:15) Cheers Shot Bar

Oh Jackie O. by Weapons of Mass Creation – Rock Alternative (Reno, Nevada) (performing Wednesday 3/13 at 11:55pm , Thursday 3/14 at 9pm  Cheers Shot Bar, Friday 3/15 at 12:15am at Texas Mist

Tied Down by Monsterboy Alternative Pop (North Little Rock, Arkansas) (Thursday 3/14 at 3:45pm)  Cheers Shot Bar

Mombot 2.0 by Trace of Lime – Rock (Austin, Texas) (performing Monday 3/11 at 11pm) Cheers Shot Bar

Suzy by North American Pharaohs – Alternative Indie (San Antonio, Texas) (performing Wednesday 3/13 at 10pm) Cheers Shot Bar

Washed Up by The Festive Years – Rock Alternative (Austin, Texas) (performing Tuesday at 7:30pm) Cheers Shot Bar

More about the Showcases

About Texas Indie Fest (Wednesday 3/13 thru Saturday 3/16) Starts at 4pm everyday Texas Mist

All Artists performing:

Texas Indie Fest is one of the fastest growing music indie festivals in Texas. The festival is taking place during South by Southwest Music Week, a 4-day showcase of multi-genre musical talent from across the world. The 2019 edition will be the 9th year for the festival, and is already promising to be better than ever:  48 emerging artists will be showcased live at Texas Mist. all performances will be broadcast live on radio and Internet Tv channels. Doors open @ 4pm everyday. This showcase is free!

About Mag Mile Shows (Sunday 3/10 thru Saturday 3/16) Starts at 3pm every day Cheers Shot Bar

All Artists performing:

For 5 years, Mag Mile Productions has been curating and promoting events for multiple venues in downtown Austin. Their showcases take place during SXSW’s Music and Interactive week. They work with bar owners and managers to book hundreds of artists to showcase their amazing talent.

About Tunetrax

Tunetrax is a one-stop music platform where musicians build successful careers. We believe in building artists from the ground up as partners in their success. Tunetrax  lets artists upload and share their songs, videos, photos, blogs, newsletters and upcoming shows, all shareable instantly onto all major social media networks. Tunetrax Music Discovery platform provides powerful tools to musicians to promote their music,  connect with booking agents and venues, and engage directly with fans, via one simple dashboard.