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Manage and stay in control of your music, while increasing traffic to your social media networks and grow a strong online presence.

With Tunetrax Digital Music Platform, you can manage all your music content, booking activities, promote your upcoming shows, increase traffic to your YouTube channel. Share your songs, videos, photos, blogs, newsletters onto all major social media networks INSTANTLY. Manage your music and career, all in one place.

Artists Opportunities

Submit your music for a chance to play at festivals/showcases, license your music, and many more opportunities!

Access Opportunities
Full Artist EPK

Get a Full EPK and Much More

E-commerce: sell digital downloads (keep 100%), full digital EPK: bio, audios, videos, images, show calendar, social media links, blogs, contact info, unlimited show promotion, Soundcloud import, Youtube import, Adobe image editor, file uploads (for stage plot/input list), place on audio and video charts, Editor & Staff picks, unlimited media storage.

Connect With Your Fans From Nearby And Around The World

The most important thing a musician does is connect with their fans. Often that’s through the music you produce and the shows you play. But with technology bringing us closer together, Tunetrax lets you connect with your fans one on one. Answer questions, get compliments, and connect with thousands of fans from around the world.

Independent artists
music tools for independent artists

Be Seen By Thousands Of Fans in Audio & Video Charts

Getting your track onto the biggest platforms is a moment to be cherished. But when you are competing with other artists that have six figure marketing budgets it can be almost impossible to stand out. At Tunetrax we keep our own charts. That means emerging artists will be stacked up against other emerging artists. And your music will be better judged and appreciated.

Best Ways to Promote Your Upcoming Shows

Promoting shows can be stressful, especially if you feel you do not have the funds. Good news: you do not need a lot money to successfully market and promote your upcoming show with Tunetrax! In fact, you can promote your show for no cost at all and still have the killer turnout of a high cost campaign. Tunetrax lets you promote your upcoming shows with no limits, and share them onto all major social media networks. you can also directly import your shows from Bandsintown.

music tools for independent artists
EPK for Artists

Increase Your Youtube/Vimeo Views and Soundcloud Plays

Tunetrax allows to automatically import Youtube/Vimeo videos and Soundcloud audio tracks (including tags), and display the files on your Artist’s profile. After you have imported your content, all files will be displayed on your artist profile and can be accessed as a regular video and audio.Each video and audio file has its own details page where users can hold conversations in the comments area or tag the videos or audio tracks, which drastically increase views and plays.

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Samples of Artist EPKs

Scott Pemberton
Scott Pemberton
Pink Awful
Pink Awful
Rigorous Proof
Rigorous Proof

Professional Services

Booking, Social Media, Marketing

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For Independent Artists

Feeling savvy enough to book your own shows/tours, but just need help in the process? Need an up to date EPK to send to media and venues? Do you want to reach out more media outlets? Do you need more fans without spending money on social media? Why not take advantage of some of our Music Professional Services and save yourself some time and energy? We provide Professional Services for independent artists.

Booking Workshop

Learn everything you need to know to be successful booking your own shows.  During this Free Online Workshop I put together, I gives musicians useful information and share with them some of the best practices to book successful shows, connect with the right venues and talent buyers, and manage all booking related activities. Anyone at any level and in any type of music genre is invited to attend.


Webinar For Musicians


Tunetrax is the best thing that’s happened to my music. I was struggling to keep my own website updated with my most recent audio and video content.  Now I can not only keep all my files updated but also reach out more fans!  Thank you!

– Stephen P

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Artists and Fans

Real Opportunities To Connect.

Be The Ultimate Fan

Discover New and Exciting Artists Before They Become Famous

Engage With Your Favorite Artists. Build Playlists and Share Your Music With Friends.

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