Tunetrax is a place for music

Tunetrax is a digital music platform building a community of musicians, fans, music festivals, talent buyers, promoters and venues.

Tunetrax combines music discovery, social sharing, music libraries with a customized audio player,  for all to enjoy discovering and listening to new talents.

  • If you are an Musician, take advantage of Tunetrax, JOIN US

Thousands of bands, songwriters, singersproducers, composers and djs are on Tunetrax and use it everyday.

With Tunetrax, Artists reach new audiences, increase engagement with fans, and expand their industry connections. Talent buyers, music festivals, promoters and venues discover and book new talents. Fans listen and support it.

Tunetrax offers a one-stop digital music platform that lets artists upload and share their songs, videos, photos, blogs, newsletters and upcoming shows, all shareable instantly onto all major social media networks. With Tunetrax artists can sell directly to fans, via one simple page and dashboard.

Artists Benefits of joining Tunetrax

Discover New and Exciting Artists Before They Become Famous. Engage With Your Favorite Artists. Build Playlists and Share Your Music With Friends.

Fans benefits of joining Tunetrax

  • If you are an Event Organizer, Music Festival or Event Producer hosting talent showcases of any size, Tunetrax offers a complete solution for you to manage your artist submissions all in one place.  Click here for more info
  • If you are a brand or a company looking to stand-out, generate high traffic & eyeballs for your next event, checkout Tunetrax unique activation services with its Mobile & Live Performance solutions.


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Creating resources for emerging artists and empowering them to push their music career to the next level. We do this by catering to fans through engaging content and creative curation. 

Tunetrax is the best thing that’s happened to my music. I was struggling to keep my own website updated with my most recent audio and video content.  Now I can not only keep all my files updated but also reach out more fans!  Thank you.

Stephen P

I love the fact that you guys allow me to keep control of my content and copyrights, sell my music AND keep 100% of the revenue I am generating from the platform.  I just signed up a month ago. Absolutely love it. Mucho gracias amigos!

Joe Atack

Your website is so easy to use and super friendly.  I love being able to create unlimited playlists and share is with my friends.

Carla K

I just discovered Tunetrax today and I have to say it’s just amazing. I don’t have a band but I have been working in the music industry for over 20 years. I will spread the word amongst all the bands I know.  Keep up the good work!

Tony Fontana

Tunetrax is the perfect content management platform for me to manage all my music assets.  I like the fact that I can upload not only my music, but also my videos, manage my blog and promote my shows.  I am sure there is more for me to still discover. Well done. Thank you.

Kate Barnes

I love what you guys are doing.  It is nice to see a platform that truly cares about independent musicians.  I seriously want to thank you for protecting my publishing and distribution rights. You guys rock.


Your website is so easy to use and super friendly.  It took me about 5 minutes to set up and create my artist profile.  I even did not have to use any of your help menu. Good job and thanks guys.

Todd B

I love it that the landing page is the music, the albums themselves, because people click “Play” almost immediately when they see the button. Thank you for your website, it is seriously one of the coolest ever.

John P

I don’t ever write in to things like this, but I have been waiting for a way to promote my music using a clean interface and not a bunch of nonsense features and your site was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks guys.

Izabella B


We are committed to upholding our most cherished values in every artist that joins us.

We have a great appreciation and respect for innovators of new music.

To fill an immediate need for our friends and colleagues, we set up a DIY online tool for artists to develop their digital presence and engage with fans at their community.   Our ultimate goal is to assist artists in making a living from their craft and provide tools to enhance their career. We don’t want to miss out on a generation of game changing music because creators had to leave the industry to earn a basic income.

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