Opportunities for Artists

Tunetrax is excited to  offer “Opportunities” services to artists.  Artists can submit to Talent Showcases, Music Festivals, Radio Airplay, Licensing and Record Labels deals and other Professional Services, such as Songwriting Analysis And The Business Of Sync, and many more business opportunities.

Submit To Opportunities

We created a system of submission to opportunities that is extremely easy for any artist to use. We implemented several filters and search capabilities that make it effective for specific opportunities artists may want to apply to.

Tunetrax has a strong commitment in getting independent artists recognized and their music heard. Tunetrax Opportunities services are a great way for artists to get additional chances to make a living off their craft.

If you are not registered to Tunetrax yet, you will be asked to create an EPK in a matter of a few minutes in order to submit to opportunities.

About Tunetrax
Tunetrax is a one-stop music platform where musicians build successful careers. Tunetrax lets artists upload and share their songs, videos, photos, blogs, newsletters and upcoming shows, all shareable instantly onto all major social media networks. Tunetrax Music Discovery platform provides powerful tools to musicians to promote their music, apply to opportunities, connect with booking agents and venues, and engage directly with fans, via one simple dashboard. www.tunetrax.com

What is Tunetrax?

Tunetrax is a music publishing and promotional platform for Musicians. Fans support artists making new and exciting music.

Musicians can reach new audiences, increase engagement with fans, and expand their industry connections. Talent Buyers and venues discover new talents. Fans listen to it

Tunetrax members control the direction and flow of the music communities they are participating in to build.