Indie Fest

Indie Fest

Unofficial SXSW Showcase

March 17th 2023 |Austin, Texas

Indie Fest, one of the fastest growing music showcase of up and coming artists in all music genres just hosted an unofficial SXSW showcase  in Austin Texas. Indie Fest promotes emerging artists in multiple cities and venues around the USA and abroad.

The Indie Fest Music Showcase took place on Thursday March 16th at the iconic Kenny Dorham’s Backyard venue.
8 Indie artists from all around the world playing Funk, Alternative Rock, Rock, Pop, Alternative Hip Hop, Soul and Alternative Country graced the stage.
The Kenny Dorham’s Backyard was the spot for the indie artists coming down for SXSW 2023 to get together and perform at an iconic Performing Art park, located 5 minutes away from SXSW Convention Center.
Artists who performed include: Stockdale (Berlin), El Gran Hombre Sonico (Mexico City), Medicine Hat (Ventura, CA), Anemic Royalty (Louisville, Kentucky), Frederico7 (Austin), Forever Miles (Houston), La Fonda (Seattle) and King Youngblood (Seattle), Glossolalia Online (Austin)
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