Urban Eclectic Showcases Tour

Sept 29th – October 26th, 2023

Unlocking the Power of Music

Tunetrax, TuneCity and its promotional partners are scheduling a talent showcases tour, taking place this fall in cities that all have a strong independent music scene:

Harlem, NY; Philadelphia, PA, Washington, DC; Charlotte, NC; Atlanta, GA; Austin, TX; and New Orleans, LA.

The Urban Eclectic Showcases tour will be a highly promoted series of Festival style talent showcases celebrating music from an Urban perspective. Covering a wide range of genres from R&B, Soul, Funk, Afrobeat, Rock, Reggae, Hip Hop, Soca and Calypso, the tour will feature exclusively emerging artists from throughout the U.S.

The Urban Eclectic Showcases Tour is expecting to generate over 10,000 attendees rsvp, 1,000 artists submissions to perform, and 200 to 300 attendees on average per show.  Artists who will be performing will be selected from each respective local city market, representing the local music scene at its best.

Urban Eclectic Showcases Tour Audience

✧TuneCity and its partners have over 300,000 followers across a variety of demographic and psychographic profiles.

✧They are united by their passion for  independent music.

✧They regularly attend live music events, consume and share digital content.

✧Artist, Venue and Region influence audience demographics- we can align target audience accordingly.

Tour Promotion

Each showcase will be promoted locally in conjunction with each venue and all artists selected to perform:

  • Advertising through our partners’ network.
  • Radio and live streaming coverage.
  • Show posters & flyers.
  • Attendees’ contests.
  • Sponsor Interviews and Blog coverage.
  • Ticketing outlet promotion through Eventbrite.
  • Social media coverage (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

For brands and sponsors

  • Connect people through Urban Eclectic Music.
  • Create memorable experiences- Energy/Discovery/Community.
  • Provide unique turnkey events and digital content that enables continued storytelling within the Sponsor’s community.
  • Curate and manage a Sponsor Soundtrack of Independent music.
  • Amplify Sponsor’s brand and marketing efforts.

Pre-show, at the event and post-show promotion & activation

  • Sponsor logo , banners and advertising on event(s) webpages.
  • Sponsor Interviews and blog coverage.
  • Ticketing outlet promotion through Eventbrite.
  • Sponsor activation: coupon, giveaways, merch table, booth, signups.
  • Radio coverage: banner ads, commercials.
  • Live streaming coverage: commercial, announcements.
  • Participating in show(s) attendees’ contests.
  • Physical signage (banners, table tent, cards, flyers, …).
  • Social media coverage (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

Scale-able activation opportunities include

  • Access independent and emerging global musical artists across multi- genres.
  • Provide content and align with your marketing and branding needs.
  • Digital content creation- before, during and post event that can be shared with Sponsor’s current and prospective audience.
  • Internet radio- expanding Sponsor’s visual brand reach.
  • Music platform distribution- expanding Sponsor’s brand reach.
  • Live streaming broadcast of the shows – expanding Sponsor’s brand reach.
  • Event digital content marketing opportunities via social media.
  • Collaboration with musicians for online, in person events and marketing efforts.
  • Additional opportunities can be discussed.

Get involved and receive information about sponsorship packages available for the tour.  email contact@tunetrax.com or call us 1(323)931-1666

About TuneCity

With over 20 years of proven independent music, event and brand building experience, TuneCity is uniquely enabled to assist in connecting your brand to a vibrant and varied global audience united by their passion of independent music. TuneCity creates custom activation levels based upon each sponsorship and brand goals and resources.

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