Tunetrax is announcing its partnership with Music Entrepreneur Ventures

Tunetrax is announcing today its partnership with Music Entrepreneur Ventures, and its participation to the Music Entrepreneur Conference 2021, which will be held on December 10th & 11th in New York City and virtually online.

The fourth year of the groundbreaking Music Entrepreneur Conference is upon us and this year’s conference will continue to bring together leading-edge industry leaders from across the music and media industries.

“Our team is excited to partner with Music Entrepreneur Ventures. I am looking forward to being part of the Music Entrepreneur Conference as a speaker, representing Tunetrax. It is such a honor for TuneTrax to have been selected as an official sponsor amongst only very few companies, including iconic brands such as Live Nation and Microsoft”. Says Rémi Jourdan, Founder and CEO of Tunetrax.

Whether you’re an artist, a part of the team or dream of working in the music industry, this conference got something for you. You’ll find inspiration, motivation, strategy, connections, experience and more.

This year Music Entrepreneur Ventures is offering MECon to everyone to watch live streaming for FREE.  To register, please go to Music Entrepreneur Website

“We are stoked to have Tunetrax sponsoring our event, and to have Rémi Jourdan joining us as a speaker. Rémi is leading innovation in the music tech field, with 20+ years of experience working with artists and musicians. I am excited for Rémi to demonstrate some of the tools Tunetrax had developed, in order for artists to maximize their exposure, to book more shows and getting on stages at showcases during SXSW”, says MeCon Cofounder Rachel Karry.

MECon 2021 will showcase how artists can approach personal development and the science of productivity that can be the catalyst to set and achieve 2022 goals. During the 2-day intensive conference on December 10th and 11th, streaming live from the flagship Microsoft Garage in NYC, the Music Entrepreneur masters will share their success hacks to create a strategic growth plan for 2022 that is accomplishable and data-driven.

This year’s speakers include industry leaders Brandon Pankey – VP Live Nation Urban, Mike Pell – Microsoft Envisioneer, Jeff Hammer -Northwestern Mutual, Rémi Jourdan – Founder and CEO of Tunetrax, Wendy Day -Rap Coalition, Rob Cole Founder of CODA Music, Kwasi Asare Founder of Feedia Agency, Virginie Berger, Founder We Are Music Tech, Joep Vanleijsen, CEO of Roadie.co, and music icons including Jerry Wonda Duplessis, super producer, serial entrepreneur, and philanthropist who has sold over 250M records to date and produced countless superstars, and numerous other music industry leaders.

“The last two years have been tough on all of us, so if we can share some hope, we’ve done our job!” MeCon Cofounder Rachel Karry says.

“Today, we can use data and artificial intelligence to learn faster, collaborate globally, develop and monetize a fanbase more intuitively. You tell us your goals, and we direct you how to get there. Learn about all the brilliant tech tools that help artists strategize, get organized, and develop a sustainable career”, says Jalen James Acosta, Founder-CEO of World Artists United.


About Music Entrepreneur Ventures

Music Entrepreneur Ventures  is a global music business community and virtual home for music entrepreneurs to learn, grow and succeed. The Music Entrepreneur community expands worldwide, from streaming partners in Africa to music sync partners in Asia and touring partners in Europe and Latin America

About Tunetrax

Tunetrax believes in building musicians from the ground up as partners in their success. Tunetrax offers a one-stop digital music platform that lets artists upload and share their songs, videos, photos, blogs, newsletters and upcoming shows, all shareable instantly onto all major social media networks. With Tunetrax artists can sell directly to fans, via one simple page and dashboard.