Tunetrax is announcing its first Music Workshop in South Africa, in partnership with Gansta Beats Records (Music Production) and Tuerk Music, the leading African distributor of musical instruments, p.a. systems, pro audio, recording & production equipment and accessories.  The workshop will emphasis on music production, marketing, booking and promotion.

The South African music industry is rapidly growing and leading the African continent into the 4th industrial revolution. As from 2016 South Africa has about 21 Million active internet users. This is contributing to a growth of new Artists releasing music online.

The three main genres in South Africa are Hip Hop, Gospel & House Music. Over the past 10 years DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) and home audio recording equipment, have become more easily accessible due to the internet. The cost of data is coming down each day leading to a major amount of new artists and producers coming out of South Africa.

Many Artists & Producers in South Africa have the music talent but not necessarily the business & Marketing know how to get their music distributed in the mission to land future bookings at events. This is where Tunetrax can assist this emerging market of artists within South Africa, to gain more professional insight on how to market themselves within the new Global Music Market.

Tunetrax is an online digital music platform that gives the Artist full control over their music with the bonus of creating a professional EPK (Electronic Press Kit). The Artist can manage their music at the same time they can channel more traffic to their social media this will help with their online presence.

Creating an electronic press kit will allow the artist to have an up to date Bio, Press photos, Youtube Videos and booking info. Promoters and Festivals can connect with the Artist through the Tunetrax platform. Artists can also promote shows and sell their music & show tickets keeping 100% of the revenue. With that segue we move onto the topic of copyright, the artist also maintains 100% of their rights & the way their music gets distributed & published.

Tunetrax is hosting a free workshop at one of the premier music store in South Africa, mainly focusing on Johannesburg & Cape Town City. These are the two cities with highest amount of new artists.

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