Tunetrax is excited to announce its integration with Bandsintown, the number one concert discovery app in the world. With this recent integration, Tunetrax now offers a personalized Bandsintown’s services to Tunetrax’s artist members.

What does this integration mean for Tunetrax artists?

Tunetrax’s paying subscribers can now automatically import and update all their scheduled Bandsintown events to their Tunetrax profile, fans can track Tunetrax’s artists and artists can track the real time location of their fans. In addition, for each event, artists can add an event image, a google map of the event location, a link to ticketing and a full description of each event.

What does it mean for fans?

Fans can track their favorite artists and receive email notifications of upcoming events so they never miss a show. In addition, fans can sort any artist’s calendar of events alphabetically or based on date, location, or number of likes, as well as seeing all artists’ past shows.

“Today, we are thrilled to be integrating with Bandsintown, one of the world’s greatest apps. Tunetrax’s recent integration with Bandsintown will give our artists another great way to connect with their fans, promote tour dates, and increase social fan engagement”, said Rémi Jourdan, Founder of Tunetrax.

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About Tunetrax
Tunetrax is a one-stop music platform where musicians build successful careers, letting artists upload and share their songs, videos, photos, blogs, newsletters and upcoming shows, all shareable instantly onto all major social networks and many other ones. The Music Discovery platform also provides tools to help musicians connect with fans, agents and venues, as well as sell directly to fans, via one simple dashboard.

About Bandsintown

Bandsintown improves the concert-going experience for millions of fans around the world and helps thousands of artists of all sizes and genres to better connect with their core audience. The family of Bandsintown apps has attracted over 38 million concert-goers, reaches a global audience of 120 million music fans through Bandsintown Amplified and powers the tour dates for more than 430K artists around the world.

To learn more visit Tunetrax.com.

Tunetrax Scott Pemberton Bandsintown

Tunetrax Scott Pemberton Bandsintown event calandar

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