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Social media is a great way for singers to reach out to new audiences and increase their music, merch and ticket sales. But it takes time, effort and know-how to turn likes and hits into revenue. Tech expert REMI JOURDAN gives six tips on how to make the most of your online presence.

DO…understand your primary social media business goals. Don’t jump into social media just because you feel you “need to be on social media”. You need to know who your target market is. What are the basic demographics (age, sex, location, artists they like) for your super fans? If you don’t have a big fan base, research the demographics of bands you consider your competition.

DO…make sure all your online content is mobile ready. People access social media via mobile in an increasing percentage. In 2017 access to Facebook and Twitter was over 80% via mobile devices, and obviously Instagram has been a mobile platform from the beginning. It doesn’t do you any good if you create great content, distribute it via social media, and link back to your artist profile – but no one can access it from their smartphone or it looks rubbish.

DO…Understand you don’t have to be everywhere. If you have not yet begun using social media consistently to advance your music career (or even if you have), pick one or two social media channels to focus your efforts on.

DO…a Snapchat scavenger hunt for free tickets to the show. This will drive more ticket sales, which means more folks will attend your show and potentially buy your merch. Instagram videos leading up to the event is also a great way to promote your upcoming events.

DO…Use Facebook live to announce your new EP release, and leverage Twitter Live Chat with the band to promote your EP, your songs, your shows and merch.

And finally…DO be consistent and persistent.

Remi Jourdan is the founder of Tunetrax, an online platform that takes the hassle out of social media. To learn more read our tech profile on TuneTrax or visit



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