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September 18th 2018

Tunetrax and Songistry are partnering to provide unique services to their respective artists customers base. Songistry, a leading international provider of licensing and sync opportunities for the songwriter community, offers Tunetrax’s artists innovative ways to collaborate, network, pitch and monetize their music thru licensing opportunities. Tunetrax, a leading music promotional platform for emerging artists empowers MDIIO artists with the ability to self-publish, promote, distribute and sell their original music content on its digital music platform.

Both business entities are collaborating with each other to empower songwriters to market and monetize their leading-edge original music with licenses for TV, film, commercials, streaming media and other projects.

Tunetrax’s Artists, particularly songwriters are able to submit their original songs for licensing and sync opportunities from all around the globe. Tunetrax Artists are given access to Songistry’s MDIIO “Creators” services, and MDIIO artists are given access to Tunetrax’s Services to promote their music, both services available to artists at no cost for a period of 3 months.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Songistry and its unique MDIIO platform. Tunetrax’s partnership with Songistry gives our artists another great way to pitch and monetize their original music”, said Rémi Jourdan, Founder and CEO of Tunetrax

“We are proud to partner with Tunetrax, a leading platform for independent artists to self-publish and promote their music. Songistry’s number-one goal with MDIIO is to help songwriters build viable opportunities and networks to help propel their careers forward.” – Songistry’s CEO Curtis J. Serna

MDIIO is a S-a-a-S (Software-as-a-Service) networking site, built with the mandate to bring fair trade to a fractured music industry. It empowers songwriters to collaborate effectively, and to market and monetize their leading-edge original music with licenses for TV, film, commercials, streaming media and other projects. Songistry has 100+ new EXCLUSIVE project placements that have just arrived from China and Germany, among many other ones.

About Tunetrax

Tunetrax is a one-stop music platform where musicians build successful careers since 2015. Tunetrax platform lets artists upload and share their songs, videos, photos, blogs, newsletters and upcoming shows, all shareable instantly onto all major social media networks. Tunetrax Music Discovery provides tools to musicians to self-publish and promote their music, connect with fans, booking agents and venues, as well as sell directly to fans, via one simple dashboard.


About Songistry

Songistry was established in 2013 by internationally acclaimed songwriter and music producer, Justin Gray (John Legend, Mariah Carey, Joss Stone). MDIIO was created so songwriters can quickly upload and search their songs in a database that lets them manage all aspects of their dai- ly workflow and also pitch music effectively to opportunities. The powerful software-as-a-service site is also a global online community for networking and collaboration between songwriters, project holders (TV, film, ad agencies) and interested entities that include music publishers, labels and streaming services.

Check out Licensing Opportunities

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