Tips for Musicians: In this video interview, Johnny Harpo from the band Rigorous Proof responds to the following questions:

  • How can Musicians make money selling their music ?
  • How can Musicians grown and promote their Soundcloud & Youtube channels?
  • How can Musicans book more and better gigs?
  • What material can Musicians use to reach out media and talent buyers?
  • How can Musicians save time managing their band?

Comments Johnny Harpo  made about his use of the Tunetrax Platform:


    Creating our own Store. Selling Songs & Albums has never been easier.  Set Up Your Own Download Pricing: with Tunetrax I am selling more digital downloads than I ever did on any other sites we use.  We also like the fact that whatever sales we make, we got to keep 100% of the revenue generated. We can set up our on download pricing and how we want to promote our music downloads. Tunetrax really makes it super easy for us to promote and sell our songs and album.


    Being Featured in Tunetrax’s Audio and Video Charts and as a “Featured Artists have been super helpful for us: all of our songs and videos are included into Tunetrax’s Audio & Video charts.  We have been contacted several times by promoters and venues who find us because they checked out Tunetrax Charts.  This is not like some other platforms where some artists are buying fake likes and followers. Tunetrax numbers are legit, so other music professional such as talent buyers can rely on those to be real.


    with Tunetrax, we are able to import our Soundcloud tracks and videos from Youtube directly into our artist profile.  this not only save us a lot of time, but also allow us to generate significant traffic to our Youtube and Soundcloud channels. In fact, we found out, we are generating more traffic to those platforms from Tunetrax than the traffic we are able to generate directly from Youtube and Soundcloud.


    The ability to share our stage plot, input list and any of our material within our Artist Profile, make it super easy for promoters, talent buyers and venues to book us.  They can get a quick snapshot of our band content without leaving our Page.  Tunetrax made it really easy for us to book not only more gigs but better paying ones as well.  We can manage all of our booking messages and requests within Tunetrax, which make it a lot easier for me, not having to check multiple platforms and email accounts.

Built & Customize Your Own EPK/ Artist Profile

  • Add unlimited audio tracks, video and pictures
  • Automatically Import from SoundCloud, Vimeo and Youtube
  • Set-up your own Digital Store to sell  songs and albums downloads
  • Send Release notifications
  • Links to all your social networks, all in one place

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