How to Best Grow your Social Media Networks

Promoting music online can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.

Here are several actions you can take to leverage your social media networks.  If currently, you do not have any social media networks, our team recommends you to set up at least a Facebook page, Instagram and a YouTube channel.

  • Add a call-to-action button on Facebook to drive traffic to your Tunetrax Artist Profile. Facebook’s call-to-action button also offers a ‘Sign Up’ option to grow your email list.
  • Include a call-to-action in your social media ‘bio’ sections. Also, include a link that goes to a landing page with an email signup form. For example, “download my exclusive single for free here.”
  • Add a link to your Tunetrax EPK on all social media sites and platforms you are registered with. This will drive traffic to your EPK, grow your followers and get your music ranked in charts.
  • Schedule regular posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to promote your Tunetrax Arist profile. Offer exclusive content on your Tunetrax EPK, in exchange for email addresses. For example, free music downloads.
  • Create a lead-generating Facebook Ad. You can target an exact demographic, and direct your message to the right people.
  • Run a contest or giveaway. Announce the contest on social media and on Tunetrax. Describe the contest, add a catchy hashtag, and link to a landing page that requires an email address to participate.
  • Create YouTube video with a call-to-action link and an end screen. You can also add a call-to-action link to your Tunetrax Artist Profile in the video description, like “follow me on Tunetrax”
  • Host Twitter Chats. Twitter chats bring like-minded people together to ask questions and discuss particular topics. Use this feature to engage with fans and collect emails. Also, incorporate Twitter Lead Generation Cards. These cards allow you to collect email addresses straight from Twitter.
  • Install Facebook Page Apps that direct traffic. Direct fans to your Tunetrax Artist Profile that offers incentives in exchange for email addresses. Also, explain to people why they should sign up to your list.
  • Cross-promote with other artists. Cross-promoting with another artist can double the exposure of your release and fan following. You can do this on Tunetrax by checking artists in specific location on our “browse” section.

Find out more tips to manage your social media if you follow this link

Tunetrax gives you full access to powerful music publishing and promotional tools.  Make sure you completed your Artist profile/EPK on Tunetrax. It will help you to gain more followers and fans. Sign up to Tunetrax

Like yourself, thousands of artists have joined Tunetrax to promote their music, connect with industry professionals and grow their fanbase.

We are glad you have joined our growing music community!

We hope this will help you to grow your social media network.

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