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If you’re a musician, you’re going to want to pay attention to this post.

We are going to talk about powerhouse tool that will help you grow your musical career.


1/ Get the Ultimate EPK

Get the Ultimate Electronic Press Kit. Right after you signed-up(free sign-up ),validated your account and chosen your  subscription, you can create a complete bio, with contact info, booking, photo galleries, links to all upcoming shows, playlists,  social media networks and website  –  You can build audio libraries, upload audio and/or import from Soundcloud, –  Sell audio and album downloads (artist keep 100%) –  Import Youtube Videos and increase views – Access Adobe image editor to make flyers  – Promote shows and grow your fan base (Bandsintown integrated) –  Place in audio and video charts – Bands, songwriters & djs directories – Get picked by editors & staff  for artist spotlights thru media outlets- and more.

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music tools for independent artists

Increase Your videos Views and audio Plays

With Tunettrax, you can automatically import Youtube and Vimeo videos as well as  Soundcloud audio (including tags), and display the files on your Artist’s profiles. After you have imported your content, all files will be displayed on your artist profile and can be accessed as a regular video and audio. Each video and audio file has its own details page where users can hold conversations in the comments area or tag the videos or audio tracks, share instantly onto all major social media networks,  which drastically increase views and plays.  check out the latest artists videos or Soundcloud tracks

Connect With Your Fans From Nearby And Around The World

The most important thing a musician does is connect with their fans. Often that’s through the music you produce and the shows you play. But with technology bringing us closer together, Tunetrax lets you connect with your fans one on one. Answer questions, get compliments, and connect with thousands of fans from around the world. With Tunetrax, artists track the real time location of their fans and interact with them, grow their fan base.


Be Seen By Thousands Of Fans in Audio & Video Charts

Getting your track onto the biggest platforms is a moment to be cherished. But when you are competing with other artists that have six figure marketing budgets it can be almost impossible to stand out. At Tunetrax we keep our own Audio & Video Charts. That means emerging artists will be stacked up against other emerging artists. And your music will be better judged and appreciated.

Best Way to Promote Your Upcoming Shows

Promoting shows can be stressful, especially if you feel you do not have the funds. Good news: you do not need a lot money to successfully market and promote your upcoming show with Tunetrax! In fact, you can promote your show for no cost at all and still have the killer turnout of a high cost campaign. Tunetrax lets you promote your upcoming shows with no limits, and share them instantly onto all major social media networks.

Artists can automatically import their scheduled shows from Bandsintown into their Tunetrax page, track the real time location of their fans and interact with them, grow their shows fan base. In addition, for each event, artists can add an event image, a google map of the event location, and a link to ticketing. Tunetrax announcement of Bandsintown Integration.

music tools for independent artists

Keep Track Of Your Key Metrics

In this competitive world being a new and emerging artist can be incredibly difficult. That’s why its important to keep track of your stats and learn from your fans. Tunetrax lets you do do that by keeping track of play counts for all your media. And more insight makes you a better musician.

Tunetrax is the best thing that’s happened to my music. I was struggling to keep my own website updated with my most recent audio and video content.  Now I can not only keep all my files updated but also reach out more fans!  Thank you!

– Stephen P

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Scott Pemberton
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