Here are quick questions you should ask yourself to figure out how to handle your social media.  Try to Answer the following questions to the best of your capabilities.

  1. Who is your target audience ?
  1. What are your current goals?
  1. What are your biggest challenges?
  1. What bands or musicians do you admire on social media?
  1. What is your quarterly budget for social media?
  1. What are you currently doing on social media that’s working well?
  1. What are your expectations in term of social media results?
  1. How much time do you have to dedicate to social media every week?
  1. Can you think about 10 different social media posts to engage with Fans?
  1. Do you have any of your band mates that generate content, such as photos and videos?
  1. How do you manage your social media activities?
  1. Do you have a plan and budget to promote your tour or upcoming shows on social media?
  1. Do you understand the purpose and how to use each single social network?
  1. Do you know which social media are the most effective to use for artist/musician?

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