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Professional Services For Artists

Building Successful Careers

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Take your musical career to the next level. Increase your chance to succeed.

Let professional Music Marketers, Producers, Promoters and Talent Buyers provides you valuable input and feedback.

Professional Services For Independent Artists

We Help Musicians, Bands, Songwriters and DJs.

Feeling savvy enough to book your own shows/tours, but just need help in the process? Need an up to date EPK to send to media and venues? Do you need help with publishing, copyrights, distribution, promotion, marketing?  You came to the right place! Why not take advantage of some of our a la carte services specifically designed by music marketers for musicians?  Save yourself some time and energy. We provide powerful Professional Services for independent artists.  We got you covered!

Who are we?

We are a team of Musicians, Pro Marketers, Talent Buyers, Festival Producers and Music Tech, all passionate about music and helping musicians to strive in this ever evolving music industry. We focus on providing services that musicians really need in order to manage their career and get their music heard.

Services for Artists

EPK Creation/Update

One of Tunetrax’s Music Pro Marketer will build your EPK to reach fans, venues, talent buyers and more. We give you the tools to keep your EPK always with your latest content, news, videos, songs and upcoming shows.Need a Professional Media Kit done right away for you? ClickHEREto get started.

Social Media & Online Evaluation

Tunetrax will review your online presence (Official Website, Facebook, etc.) and send constructive feedback on how to best optimize site interface and navigation, ensuring that bookers and fans alike find exactly what they are looking for every time they visit. Quicker/Easier Navigation = Higher Conversion/Sales Rates. ClickHEREto get started.

Booking Pitch Evaluation

Tunetrax will proofread your email template and send constructive feedback on how to receive more booking agent responses, and ultimately secure more shows where and when you need them. ClickHEREto get started.

One-On-one Consultation

Our dedicated staff is available to chat with anyone and everyone (regardless of experience level) seeking advice, references, inside market tips, and general insight into show and tour booking, promotion, social media, streaming, downloads, sponsorship opportunities, and more. ClickHEREto get started.

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