Booking Pitch Evaluation   


Our team  of Professional Music Marketers and Talent Buyers will review your material and give you constructive feedback to take your musical career to the next level.

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Booking Pitch Evaluation                           

Tunetrax will proofread your email template and send constructive feedback on how to receive more booking agent responses, and ultimately secure more shows where and when you need them. With your booking pitch evaluation we will give you, you will be able to have a greater responses from talent buyers, venues, promoters, private event organizers or festivals.

OK, you’ve got great songs, a great look, and maybe even some great recordings. Where are the raving fans? If you’re going to make it big in the music business, you’ve got to play live, and that means you’ve got to get gigs. Gigging is the single best way to get your music heard and to build a fan base. But how do you book gigs?

Finding paid gigs, much like attracting new fans, requires consistent energy aimed at building relationships. You don’t need a ton of time, you just need a clear goal, a clear system for reaching out, and the ability to get creative with who receives your pitch.

Our team blogged to share some of the best practices when it come to booking:

We Help Musicians, Bands, Songwriters and DJs.

Feeling savvy enough to book your own shows/tours, but just need help in the process? Need an up to date EPK to send out to media outlets, talent buyers or music venues? Why not take advantage of some of our a la carte features and save yourself some time and energy?

Who are we?

We are a team of Musicians, Pro Marketers, Talent Buyers and Music Techs who are passionate about music and helping musicians to strive in this ever evolving music industry. We focus on providing services and one on one consultations helpful to musicians to manage their career.

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