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Powerful Sponsorship Activation

Facilitating Brand activation with a Mobile Recording Studio & Live Performances.

For the love of making music and working with talents, our friends came up with this crazy idea to transform a classic 1987 Airstream Excella 1000 into a fully equipped mobile recording studio and live streaming hub. 

With the AirSTUDIO, Tunetrax offers creative sponsorship activation to assist brands and clients to stand-out, generate high traffic and eyeballs during their events. 

Tunetrax creates custom music base partnerships solutions for brands and advertisers

AirSTUDIO Tunetrax

This 32’ long silver bullet is also our live streaming mothership. With a multi-camera setup and direct audio from our HD recording studio, we produce top quality live streams from anywhere with internet.

Tunetrax books talents, host small size live performances (outdoor or indoor) near the AirSTUDIO, run “watch parties” for video releases, and build cool lounges vibes for “meet-ups”. The AirSTUDIO can record, mix and master on the go, broadcast live to share any audio or video content or podcasts with viewers and listeners in real time.

The AirSTUDIO can be so many things….and a mix of it ALL!

  • to conduct interviews or podcasts, both with live streaming capabilities,

  • to create beats and record solo and/or intimate live performances,

  • as a green room for artists, or to offer a cool cocktail lounge for VIPs,

  • to host watch parties to view latest video releases,

  • to produce indoor/outdoor live performances.

The AirStudio generates cool vibes, offers multiple set up scenarios and configurations. Tunetrax offers additional services complimenting perfectly the AirStudio.

Interviews & Podcasts

Mobile Recording Studio

World Class Acoustic Design

Custom acoustic treatment design and installation by Delta H Design Featuring CAT System panels, ZR Wings that double as blackout curtains, ZR Micro Screens, and hundreds of custom SR4’s that make a stunning mosaic on the ceiling, we’ve turned this tin can into a pro studio.

Host Talents Showcases & Live Performances

Booking Talents & Producing Live Performances

Plan your next event with our AirSTUDIO.  Tunetrax will provide all production services you will needed, including booking all the talents, setting up a stage and running sounds and lights.  Tunetrax can also team up with your existing production team. It is up to our client to choose the scenario that will best fit their needs.

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    Tunetrax with its AirSTUDIO and Live Performance stage made us stand out  and generated a lot more traffic and eyeballs that we originally expected. Thank you!

    – MTV Show

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