For Opportunity Producers

Tunetrax’s listing of opportunities is for opportunity producers, people creating business opportunities for artists, such as Music Festival Producers, Special Event Producers, Venues and  Show Promoters.

Tunetrax’s listing of opportunities is for Music Professionals and Music Consultants wanting to list “non-live” opportunities for artists to apply, such as Licensing Deals or Radio Airplays for example.

Tunetrax calls opportunity creators “Opportunity Producers”.


Tunetrax is listing “Business Opportunities”, offering artists the ability to submit directly from the platform to opportunities created and posted by Opportunity Producers, who can manage all artists submissions they have received from a single dashboard.


Tunetrax is not limited in its ability to list any type of business opportunities, as long as it pertains to artists and benefits them directly.  Opportunity Producer can create and post a variety of business opportunities to artists, such as:

  • submitting to be considered to perform live at Music Festivals, Special Events, Music Showcases and Shows
  • having music submitted to be placed and played onto curated music playlists
  • applying to projects and Licensing deals
  • getting music played on Radio Airplays
  • submitting to be picked and considered as a Featured Artist
  • submitting to be featured in leading music magazines and blogs

In complement to a variety of type of opportunities, Tunetrax offers Professional Services to artists.

Example of Opportunities for Artists


  • It is super easy to use, for both for opportunity Producer to manage artists submissions, and for artists to apply to opportunities.
  • Tunetrax designed a system fair to artist, and made it a non-requirement to be a “paying subscriber” to Tunetrax services in order for artists to apply. This is in contrast from our two main competitors.
  • Tunetrax developed a system to allow Opportunity Producers to drastically increase productivity while automating many time consuming tasks in order to manage artists submissions .
  • With Tunetrax, Producer can generate revenue from artists submissions
  • Tunetrax works hand to hand with Opportunity Producers to create and list opportunities onto the site and on each Producer’s page on the platform.
  • For artists who are not on the Tunetrax platform yet, but want to apply to an opportunity listed on the site, Tunetrax has automated the process for artist to create a powerful electronic press kit free of charge.
  • Tunetrax is listing opportunities free of charge or at a minimum cost, making it possible for the majority of artists to apply or to submit to be considered for music festivals, shows and much more.
  • Tunetrax is commitment in getting independent artists recognized and their music heard. Tunetrax Opportunities listing is a great way for artists to get additional chances to make a living off their craft.


  • For Opportunity Producer: Tunetrax creates a Producer Account, then list opportunity assigned to Producer onto the platform, then Producer get access to Tunetrax to manage directly all artists applications and submissions received.
  • For Artist: Artist get to choose the opportunity he/she wants to apply to, and click on “SUBMIT”.  If the Artist applying does not already has a Tunetrax’s EPK, Tunetrax will automatically guide artists to create an EPK in matters of few minutes. If the artist already has a Tunetrax EPK, by clicking “SUBMIT” the submission will be automatically received by the Opportunity Producer who created the opportunity artist applied to.


Here are some of the capabilities of Tunetrax for Opportunity Producers. We are constantly improving the submission platform and all abilities for Producers to manage artists submissions.

Ability for producer to display and manage submissions received by artists

  • By type of opportunity
  • By opportunity deadline
  • By artist music genre
  • By artist location
  • By artist alphabetical order (names)
  • By submission received date

Ability for producer to manage status of each submission received

Status: submitted, accepted, rejected, on-hold.

  • Submitted: initial state after a user submits; submission email sent
  • On-hold;  Producer keeps artist data onto its admin page
  • Rejected: An rejection email is sent automatically to artist
  • Accepted:  Artist profile is displayed onto Producer profile; acceptance email is sent

Ability to add notes/comments on each artist submission

Ability to report submissions activities per opportunity

Ability to display publicly Producer’s opportunity (ies) onto Producer profile page (tab)

Ability for Producer to choose the field to issue a report:

    • By type of opportunity
    • By event date
    • By number of submission received
    • By revenue generated
    • By music genre
    • By status ( rejected, accepted, on-hold)
    • By alphabetical order
    • By location of applicant
    • By number of applicant number of profile followers
Learn more about how to become an Opportunity Producer

Becoming a Tunetrax Opportunity Producer



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