Booking Workshop

Learn everything you need to know to be successful booking your own shows.  During this Free Online Workshop I put together, I gives musicians useful information and share with them some of the best practices to book successful shows, connect with the right venues and talent buyers, and manage all booking related activities. Anyone at any level and in any type of music genre is invited to attend.

If you are a Musician asking yourself some of those questions

This FREE Webinar is for YOU!

Tunetrax Booking 101 Free Webinar

Our Webinar Presenter

Rémi Jourdan

Rémi is the Founder of Tunetrax.  He has extensive experience with booking and curating emerging artists.  He has owned and operated concert venues and produced several music festivals. For the last ten years, Rémi has booked over 4000 artists and produced 1300 shows and has helped hundreds of artists.  To fill an immediate need for his musician friends and industry colleagues, Rémi and a team of music tech veterans created a set of DIY online tools for indie artists to manage their music, to book and promote it.  Rémi created the booking 101 webinar as a he witnessed firsthand how challenging it can be for artist to manage and grow their own booking.  “With this free webinar, a sort of hands on workshop I wanted to share as much as I know about booking artists and producing shows, so any musician attending the webinar can be successful handling his or her own booking” said Rémi Jourdan


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