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Get access to our booking messaging system allowing talent buyers and venues to contact you directly. Talent Buyers and venues get quick access to your bio and any materials needed. You can increase your booking activities and manage all of your booking requests and offers received in responses, all in one place with a quick and easy access anytime from anywhere.

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Maximize traffic to your music. Get a chance to be a “Featured Artist.” Your profile will be placed on Tunetrax’s “Discover” page for Bands, Songwriters and DJs.

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Get promoted thru the Tunetrax Network via social media, bloggers, promoters, venue owners, record labels, and management companies. Our editors and staff will write a review about you and publish it to their extended network of music fans, bloggers, record labels and other music professionals.

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Upload your own audio tracks. Determine your own pricing for songs, albums, digital art and bundled items that you want to sell. Free & Basic Accounts: Allowed File Type: mp3 at 128 bitrate. Pro & Premium Accounts: Allowed File Types: aac, aif, flac, m4a, mp3, ogg, wav, wma at 160 Bitrate for Pro account or 360 bitrate for Unlimited Account.

Basic, Pro and Premium Accounts: keep 100% of net revenue obtained from digital sales (single/album downloads, bundled items, digital art). All Artists get paid for any artistic and copyright royalties that they own and that correspond to the Artist.

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“The Life of Independent Artists”

Artists Share Experiences Promoting Their Music and Managing Their Careers

Managing Your Band

Scott Pemberton from the rock band Scott Pemberton band talks about his experience being an independent artist and how he reaches out to media outlets  for coverage of his shows.

Expanding Your Network

Robb Russo from the Alternative band Asphalt Socialites talks about his experience expanding his network, handling booking, networking with other bands and getting great shows turnout.

Growing Your Fan Base

Joe Atack from the rock alternative band Weapons of Mass Creation talks about his experience growing his band’s fan base, and how he save time managing his band while on tour.

Promoting Your Music

Johnny Harpo from the indie-rock band Rigorous Proof, talks about his experience selling, booking and promoting his band and music, and increasing his YouTube and Soundcloud traffic .

Reaching Out to Media

Paula Campbell from the punk rock band The Flesh Hammers talks about her experience expanding her media outreach and how she has been successful promoting her band.

Being a Featured Artist

Alex Stevens from the reggae rock band Treedom talks about his experience managing his band, handling booking and what it is like to be a “Featured Artist”