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We empower independent artists. Tunetrax is a place for music to be heard.


Powerhouse tool that will help you manage, optimize, and grow your musical career.

In addition to the feature-packed artist subscription plans, Tunetrax offers a free version of the tool that still has plenty of helpful features. That means you can get started totally for free!

Let’s take a look at all the ways Tunetrax’s tools can grow your musical career, get your music heard, book gigs and make you more money.

On Tunetrax™, all members are expanding their industry connections, and manage their entire music catalog and social media networks activities, all on one place.

  • Artist to keeps 100%  of sales generated from downloads.

  • Powerful DIY tools to publish and promote music.

  • Artists to keep 100% control of their copyrights material at all time.

  • All subscriptions can be upgraded or cancelled at anytime.

  • All subscriptions fit any size band, DJ or songwriter, from any location worldwide.

  • All video, audio, blog and photos can be shared on all major social media networks instantly.

  • All artist profiles and tools are accessible anytime from anywhere, from any devices or browsers.

  • The platform is 100% mobile responsive and works well with any operating system and devices.

  • Artists charts, media coverage, promotions and media storage are provided.

  • There are no right or wrong choices as far as choosing a subscription package. You can change it at anytime.

  • All Terms of Service are non-exclusive.

  • Increase your fan base.

  • Help you to book  more gigs & festivals

  • Reach out to music industry professionals

  • Get your music heard in new geographical markets.

  • Access to music publishing and promotional Tools

  • Grow Your SoundCloud, YouTube, Viemeo, Facebook, Twitter or other social media channels and networks.

  • Communicate directly with talent buyers & venues.


The ARTIST FREE subscription  allows user to create an artist profile with  audio and video imported directly from Soundcloud, Youtube or Vimeo video. Members can start promoting their music, share their profile with the rest of the world. The Free account offers a complete Electronic Press Kit “EPK” , including a biography, pictures, audio (Soundcloud), videos (Yotube/Vimeo), links to social media networks and influences. Subscribers of a Free Account are invited to upgrade their membership to any of the 3 Artists subscriptions available to them at any time.

The ARTIST LITE subscription is for artists with still limited recorded tracks and videos starting out, but wanting to jumpstart their musical career and get the equivalent of a website at a fraction of the cost and without the headache of building their own site from scratch. Subscribers can sell, share and promote their music online with anyone and get followers.  Subscribers are visible in artist directories on the site. If Artists wants to increase the number of uploads of audio tracks or videos, or be seen on our “Audios & Videos Charts” or as “Featured Artist”, we recommend Subscribers to upgrade to an Artist Pro or Premium subscription.

The ARTIST PRO subscription is for emerging artists with already a decent amount of content (audios/videos, photos), wanting to get their songs and videos additional exposure through Audio & Video Charts.  Subscribers are visible in artist directories and in audio/video charts. subscribers can access tools such as Booking Messenger to handle booking requests, and Adobe Image Editing to edit pictures on the fly. If subscribers are looking to expose even more their music and increase their media storage, subscribers should upgrade to an Artist Premium subscription.

With the ARTIST PREMIUM account, subscribers have unlimited access to ALL of our platform features and benefits available. Subscribers are granted access to  media storage, they can customize their artist profile URL, upload audio in many different formats, and much more. The Artist Premium is for artists wanting to maximize their music and artist profile’s exposure. Additional Exposure include placement in “Audio & Video Charts, placement as a “Featured Artists”, be chosen as one of our “Editor & Staff Picks”, be part of our Curated Artists Collection Playlists, and are included in our Facebook, Instagram & Twitter Promotional activities.

Subscribers can:

Sell Music (except Free accounts)

Upload your own audio tracks. Determine your own pricing for songs, albums, digital art and bundled items that you want to sell. Free & Lite Accounts: Allowed File Type: mp3 at 128 bitrate. Pro & Premium Accounts: Allowed File Types: aac, aif, flac, m4a, mp3, ogg, wav, wma at 160 Bitrate for Pro account or 360 bitrate for Unlimited Account.

Sell Downloads (except Free accounts)

Lite, Pro and Premium Accounts: keep 100%of net revenue obtained from digital sales (single/album downloads, bundled items, digital art). All Artists get paid for any artistic and copyright royalties that they own and that correspond to the Artist.

Expand Social Media

Drastically expand your social media outreach by sharing any of your audio tracks, videos, photos, blogs, shows and newsletters directly with all major social media networks (full list available for each post). Pro & Premium Accounts can automate your posts to Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Import Soundcloud Tracks

Import  audio tracks and their tags directly from Soundcloud. Use  Soundcloud ID, URL, and access Tunetrax’s Soundcloud Search tool to rapidly search and import multiple tracks at a time. All data such as titles, tags, descriptions, and pictures will be imported directly.

Import YouTube & Vimeo Videos

Import  videos from  and Vimeo. Use  User ID or URL, and access Tunetrax’s YouTube/Vimeo Search tools to import multiple videos at a time. All data such as track titles, descriptions, and photos will be imported directly.

Manage Photos

Upload  posters, flyers, promotional tour materials, photos, graphics, and create unlimited image galleries/photo albums. Select multiple images at the same time to be uploaded to a new gallery. Allowed File Types: png, gif, jpg, jpeg.

Get Support

If you have a problem or just a question, you can access our online Customer Support via Support Tickets. File Attachments allowed. Allowed File Types: png, jpg, gif, zip, mp4, doc, txt, jpeg. Pro & Unlimited Accounts: get Priority Access to our online Customer Support Tickets.

Get Media Storage

This is the amount of media storage allowed on your profile. The amount of media storage you need is based on the quality, size and number of songs and albums you want to upload.  To help you decide how much you might need, check out our FAQ or use this tool:

  • Free 50MB
  • Lite 150MB
  • Pro 300 MB
  • Premium 500MB

Lite Subscribers: all above, plus

Sell Albums

Sell your albums and “Bundled” items (multiple items into one “bundled” offer). Set your own pricing. Share your albums and music with 80 social media sites.

Upload and Share Stage Plot

Upload your stage plot, input list, contracts, riders, and whatever is useful to talent buyers, production companies and venues. This allows clear communication to advance your shows. You can use the following formats: zip, doc, txt and pdf.

Create & Share Blogs

Create blogs, schedule and publish at future dates. Increase your reach with blogs by allowing anyone to subscribe to them via RSS feeds.

Promote Shows

Create and manage your own Event Calendar, connect your bandsintown event calendar, promote your upcoming shows, connect your Facebook events and ticket link, share a google map and directions to the event for fans. You have the ability to manage multiple day events (such as festivals).

Be Listed in Artist Directory

Increase  followers and exposure. Let people find you with Tunetrax’s “Browse Artists” page. People can search on music genre and artists location. This is a great tool used a lot by local talent buyers and promoters to look for Bands, Songwriters and DJs. (samples)

Pro Subscribers: all above, plus


Get access to our booking messaging system allowing talent buyers and venues to contact you directly. Talent Buyers and venues get quick access to your bio and any materials needed. You can increase your booking activities and manage all of your booking requests and offers received in responses, all in one place with a quick and easy access anytime from anywhere.

Automate Social Media

Save yourself a lot of time by automating some of your social media timeline activities. Directly post your status updates to Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Audio & Video Charts

Increase your audio plays and video views. Get your content included into Tunetrax’s Audio & Video Charts (Weekly, Monthly, Yearly). This is a great way for new fans to find you.

Access Adobe Editing Tolls

Your digital media kit can be customized and configured with the most relevant content, based on your scheduled activities (album/video releases, upcoming tour/shows). You can choose and modify the look and feel and the type of content you want people to see first when accessing your digital media kit. You can change your digital media kit URL and customize its background.

Customize Your EPK

Your digital media kit can be customized and configured with the most relevant content, based on your scheduled activities (album/video releases, upcoming tour/shows). You can choose and modify the look and feel and the type of content you want people to see first when accessing your digital media kit. You can change your digital media kit URL and customize its background.

Privacy Options

Control the privacy and access of your digital media kit: Private (profile owner only), Global (visible to everyone), Shared (profile owners and followers only), or Shared (profile owners and follower only, but profile visible in search).

Public & Private Chats

Increase your fan and music industry networks. Access instant chat rooms (public & private) to communicate with other members on the platform.

Priority Support

Get Priority Access with our online Customer Support Tickets and Tutorial Sessions. Attach files to your support tickets. Allowed File Types: png, jpg, gif, zip, mp4, doc, txt, jpeg.

Unlimited Subscribers: all above, plus

Featured Artists

Maximize traffic to your music. Get a chance to be a “Featured Artist.” Your profile will be placed on Tunetrax’s “Featured Artists” page for Bands, Songwriters and DJs.

Editors & Staff Picks

Get promoted thru the Tunetrax Network via social media, bloggers, promoters, venue owners, record labels, and management companies. Our editors and staff will write a review about you and publish it to their extended network of music fans, bloggers, record labels and other music professionals.

Social Media Coverage

Get your profile and upcoming releases featured and promoted on Facebook & Instagram.

Your Musical Career to the next level



Creating resources for emerging artists and empowering them to push their music career to the next level. We do this by catering to fans through engaging content and creative curation. 

Tunetrax is the best thing that’s happened to my music. I was struggling to keep my own website updated with my most recent audio and video content.  Now I can not only keep all my files updated but also reach out more fans!  Thank you.

Stephen P

I love the fact that you guys allow me to keep control of my content and copyrights, sell my music AND keep 100% of the revenue I am generating from the platform.  I just signed up a month ago. Absolutely love it. Mucho gracias amigos!

Joe Atack

Your website is so easy to use and super friendly.  I love being able to create unlimited playlists and share is with my friends.

Carla K

I just discovered Tunetrax today and I have to say it’s just amazing. I don’t have a band but I have been working in the music industry for over 20 years. I will spread the word amongst all the bands I know.  Keep up the good work!

Tony Fontana, Your Content Goes Here

Tunetrax is the perfect content management platform for me to manage all my music assets.  I like the fact that I can upload not only my music, but also my videos, manage my blog and promote my shows.  I am sure there is more for me to still discover. Well done. Thank you.

Kate Barnes

I love what you guys are doing.  It is nice to see a platform that truly cares about independent musicians.  I seriously want to thank you for protecting my publishing and distribution rights. You guys rock.


Your website is so easy to use and super friendly.  It took me about 5 minutes to set up and create my artist profile.  I even did not have to use any of your help menu. Good job and thanks guys.

Todd B

I love it that the landing page is the music, the albums themselves, because people click “Play” almost immediately when they see the button. Thank you for your website, it is seriously one of the coolest ever.

John P

I don’t ever write in to things like this, but I have been waiting for a way to promote my music using a clean interface and not a bunch of nonsense features and your site was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks guys.

Izabella B


We are committed to upholding our most cherished values in every artist that joins us.

We have a great appreciation and respect for innovators of new music.                                                                                                                                                    To fill an immediate need for our friends and colleagues, we set up a DIY online tool for artists to develop their digital presence and engage with fans at their community.   Our ultimate goal is to assist artists in making a living from their craft and provide tools to enhance their career. We don’t want to miss out on a generation of game changing music because creators had to leave the industry to earn a basic income.

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