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We build Electronic Press Kits

For Bands, Songwriters and DJs.

Eliminate the costs associated with trying to keep your website updated, or figuring out how to promote and expand your social media channels. Efficiently communicate your brand and why a club owner, talent buyer, festival talent buyer, promoter, manager or even a music fan should pay attention.

ELECTRONIC PRESS KIT – What do we do and why you should have a professional EPK?

We build EPK for artists to grab attention and make fans and the industry take notice.

Get your EPK done by professionals in no time!  As on option, you can DIY and build  your own artist profile and EPK, but why would you, if we offer to build it for you?

Forget about having an EPK in a pdf format, no one in the music industry use those anymore.  Instead, with Tunetrax, you will be able to  dynamically updated your EPK each time something new with you and your music.  You can add new tracks or video as you please, use some marketing tools to push your upcoming show, increase your YouTube channel and much more. Wherever you are, you always keep your content fresh, updated and available to music professionals and general public (fans!).

Target your EPK to talent buyers, club owners, managers, agents, festivals or for your fans. Concise, highly targeted information, stylishly delivered in a cost-effective fashion to assist you in promoting your content and shows, booking more gigs.

Tunetrax’s Music Marketers will help you along the way to get the best of your investment in your musical career.


Tunetrax’s Music Marketers will build for you a Digital Press Kit, also what we call an Artist Profile. When completed, you will be able to update and control your own press kit, tuning it up the way you want. With a Tunetrax EPK, you will be able add, create, update or edit any amount of audio tracks, videos, blogs, pictures, files, and share it all on over 20 social media networks already integrated!. You will also be able to Promote your shows.

  • Produce a clean, updated and informative Digital Press Kit,

  • Share to managers, labels, agents, talent buyers, promoters,

  • Keep up to date your rider, stage plot and set list files,

  • Influence talent buyers & club owners to get more gigs,

  • Promote you upcoming tour or shows,

  • YouTube and Vimeo integrated,

  • over 20 social media networks integrated,

  • Access and update your EPK anytime from anywhere.

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  • Your EPK made by a professional music marketer,

  • Audios, Videos, Photos, Bio,

  • Social Media Integration,

  • A chance of being picked as "Featured Artist",

  • Content Included in Audio & Video "Advanced Charts".

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